Saar, the Mosel's cool sister

We believe in the power of healthy soils and biodiversity in the vineyard. This philosophy means we categorically avoid any use of herbicides and pesticides.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our winegrowing, which is why we are proud to be certified members of “FAIR’N GREEN” since 2014. The seal and the system for sustainable winegrowing encompasses environmental protections, operational management, and societal engagement. Because grand wines can only arise where there is harmony between man and nature.

Where only the sun - and our team - dare

The Kanzemer Altenberg, situated directly on the Saar, is the crown jewel of our estate. It is among the steepest sites in the world and, at 250 m in length, one of the longest of its type anywhere. An enormous challenge and responsibility that we face every day anew.

The experienced hands of our team touch every vine numerous times each year: during defoliation, thinning, green harvest, and sorting. With each step, the quality of the berries increases. We allow our grapes to hang unusually long, with harvest often extending well into November. We pick exclusively by hand, with berries sorted meticulously based on their ripeness level.

Always fully ripe but never beyond 

Once the fruit arrives in the cellar, we leave the must together with the natural yeast to work. We follow nature's lead, accompanying the wine in its genesis and giving it space for its essence to develop. Cellar Master Sven Klinger knows each site intimately, and brings a deep pool of experience and patience to his work. He helps our grand terroirs shine through in all their glory.

Great terroir and
great sites

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