Quality is our Traditon

Weingut von Othegraven was first established in the 16th century. Our estate was a founding member of the Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter (VDP).

Günther Jauch’s grandmother was born as ‘von Othegraven.’ Her brother Maximilian assumed control of the estate in 1925, from his ancestors in the Grach-Weissebach family. As a child, Günther Jauch visited Kanzem often as a guest of uncle Max and aunt Maria.

Its stately manor, park, and the Kanzemer Altenberg itself are all historically listed as an ensemble.

Tradition never stands still

Günther Jauch and his wife Thea assumed control of Weingut von Othegraven in 2010, from Dr. Heidi Kegel. He and his wife are the 7th generation to lead the estate, which has been in the family's hands since 1805.

Meticulous hand labor in the vineyard, a fine touch in the cellar—we are grateful for the skill of our experienced team. Each member brings the knowledge, patience, and passion to produce extraordinary wines from our remarkable sites.


Marco Mendgen – Winzermeister

Steep southern slopes, rough slate soil, perfect climate

to the vineyards

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