What do the Matterhorn and Altenberg have in common?

Both require the scaling of a 65 degree gradient. Except: on the dizzying steep hillsides of the Kanzemer Altenberg, each vine still needs to be tended individually, by hand.

The Responsibility of grand crus

We are proud to call several of the finest sites on the Saar our own. Each of them contains its own unique slate soil and distinctive microclimate, coming together as grand terroir.

Kanzem Altenberg

Rising like a steep, monumental wall, the Kanzemer Altenberg faces due south-by-southeast. As in all Othegraven sites, Devonian slate is the prime element, with traces of iron oxide on the Altenberg. It is a cradle of noble wines that are mineral and warm, with tremendous presence and quiet confidence.

Ockfen Bockstein
VDP.Grosse Lage

The silver-gray slate slope of the Ockfener Bockstein, a classic Saar site, opens up like an amphitheater. As befits such a setting, its wines offer an unmistakable Riesling fruitiness, fine spice, rich character and plentiful nuance.

Wawerner Herrenberger - Monopol
VDP.Grosse Lage

The Wawerner Herrenberger features a distinctive heavily weathered Devonian slate soil and an optimal southern exposition, making it an exciting enhancement to our existing site portfolio. We've had the good fortune of acquiring monopole ownership of this tradition-rich Saar site, which produces wines of tremendous power and complexity.

Wiltingen Kupp
VDP.Grosse Lage

Heavily weathered, fine grained, light in coloration: a perfect description for the slate soil of the Wiltinger Kupp. It brings forth wine of an entirely different type, brilliant and lean—delicate flavors interwoven into an aromatic fruit basket.

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